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How do I cook Next Meats plant-based skirt steak and short rib?

Once Next Meats is defrosted you can pan fry, sauté, grill, or even BBQ Next Meats over medium to medium high until heated all the way through with a crispy, golden texture.

Next Meats can be used in: 
Sandwiches, stir fry, tacos, pastas, or with anything you like. Or simply grilled with your favorite Yakiniku sauce or BBQ sauce! 


How does Next Meats taste? 

Our team has worked to deliver the taste, texture, and mouth feel of real meat in all of our plant-based products. Our short rib and skirt steak are lightly seasoned and designed to be versatile enough to use in a variety of cuisines and recipes.


Is your product non-GMO soy? 

Yes! All our soy ingredients sourced from Japan as well as from our other global partners is 100% non-GMO soy.


What are these version numbers on the package? 

These are the version numbers of each product. We continue to research, develop, and perfect our textures and taste profiles. 


What makes Next Meats products different from other brands?

Our products are 100% plant-based, making it a viable choice for vegetarians and vegans. 
We only use ingredients that are the best and what is absolutely necessary, meaning we avoid using artificial additives such as colorings and sweeteners as much as possible so even families with children can eat with peace of mind. 
Unlike the common minced, or crumble meats seen on the market, our meats product can be grilled, added in slices and use in many more dishes both as a stand alone meat replacement or as an ingredient! 
Our products are already seasoned and cooked so you can enjoy right after heating. 



What should I do with this dry ice I received in my shipment?

Next Meats uses dry ice to ensure your product is stored at proper temperatures. After removing your Next Meats product, set the box with the dry ice in a very well-ventilated area to allow it to evaporate (never leave it in an unventilated room). Loosely close the lid of the box in the open area and please keep the box away from pets and children. It's important to never come in direct contact with the dry ice, so ensure you wear gloves, long sleeve clothing, and closed-toe shoes when handling dry ice. Never discard dry ice in your toilet, tub, sink, indoor garbage can, or air-tight containers. 


How do I store my Next Meats?

Frozen Next Meats products can be kept or consumed within one year (or by the best buy date on the package) and defrosted for 60 days. 

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